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Loyalty Scheme Terms And Conditions

For every £70 spent in a single transaction at Valley Vets (not V.E.T.S) you will receive one stamp. For example, if the invoice paid was £222, you would get three stamps.

Once you have collected 16 stamps, £70 will be credited onto your Valley Vets account and your virtual card will be cleared to start collecting again.

There is no transferable monetary value to the stamps, or to the credit placed on your account.

It is redeemable at any of our four branches on invoices from Valley Vets (not V.E.T.S), and may be used at any time starting at the transaction immediately following that in which the 16th stamp was claimed.

It can be used all at once, or can be used in stages.

There is one record card per App, not per pet. Therefore multiple pets belonging to the same family can all earn stamps on a single card, provided they are all registered on the App.

App users from the same household must use the same log-in details in order for stamps to be synched across devices. Two cards with 8 stamps each is not redeemable, it must be one card with 16 stamps.

If you are unable to download the App we have physical, rather than virtual, stamp record cards that you can use. However, if you lose the card we will be unable to honour the stamps you have collected. Should you begin with a card and in the future download the App, we are able to transfer those stamps onto your App.

If you change your phone at any point, don't worry! All the information is stored on the cloud so once you download the App on your new phone, use your existing log in details, and all your stamps will be there!