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Tracy Chavez-Pino

Veterinary Surgeon

Having been born and spent her childhood in South Africa, Tracy has been fortunate to have been exposed to african wildlife through family holidays to game parks. She spent a lot of her childhood years perusing wildlife books and going bird watching with her father.
From there her love of animals grew.

Tracy moved to the UK in 2000, and spent a lot of her free time competing in agility and obediences competitions with her golden retriever, 'Tawny'.

She studied at the Royal Veterinary College, and graduated in 2011. Her first job was in Newport, Wales, where she fell in love with the Welsh way of life. She spent a year at tertiary animal hospital in Swindon, but the love of Wales (and her partner!) drew Tracy back to Cardiff.

She enjoys all aspects of the job, particularly internal medicine and dentistry, and hopes to pursue a certificate in the future.